Weddings on the Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond....

Loch Lomond, Scotland's largest loch, unfolds like a majestic canvas, offering a dream setting for your wedding celebration. From a photographer's perspective, Loch Lomond presents a bounty of breathtaking backdrops to capture the magic of your special day.


Unparalleled Natural Beauty: Imagine your wedding photos framed by the loch's shimmering expanse, reflecting the Scottish sky in a symphony of colors. Lush green mountains rise majestically in the distance, with iconic peaks like Ben Lomond providing a dramatic backdrop. Whether bathed in the warm glow of the morning sun or kissed by the soft hues of sunset, Loch Lomond offers a captivating scene for every moment.


Diverse Locations: Loch Lomond's versatility extends beyond its natural beauty. Charming villages like Luss, with its quaint streets and pier, add a touch of whimsical charm to your photos. Historic churches nestled amidst rolling hills provide a sense of tradition and grandeur. For a touch of romance, consider exchanging vows out in the open, capturing the gentle sound of the loch lapping at the shore.


Unforgettable Light: Photographers cherish the quality of light available at Loch Lomond. Soft morning light bathes the landscape in a delicate glow, perfect for capturing intimate moments. As the day progresses, the light becomes bolder, highlighting the loch's vibrant colors and the dramatic contours of the mountains. During the golden hour, the sky can ignite with fiery hues or moody dark skies creating an unforgettable backdrop for your portraits.


Unending Possibilities: Loch Lomond's vastness allows for creative freedom. Capture candid moments as guests mingle on a jetty overlooking the loch. Utilize the natural elements – a wooden boat moored at the pier, a charming bridge spanning a stream, idyllic cottages with smoke whisping into the air – all adding depth and interest to your photos. We know the best locations!


Loch Lomond isn't just a beautiful location; it's a photographer's playground. With its diverse landscapes, stunning light, and endless possibilities, Loch Lomond ensures your wedding photos will be a timeless reflection of your love story. Below are just a few of the venues you might want to consider when planning your perfect dream Wedding day.


The Lodge on Loch Lomond: Where Fairtale Weddings Become Reality


As wedding photographers, we've witnessed countless celebrations, but the Lodge on Loch Lomond remains our undisputed favorite on the loch. Years of experience have honed their craft, ensuring every wedding runs seamlessly and mouthwatering cuisine that consistently amazes.


This exceptional venue offers two stunning ceremony locations: a charming, intimate space ideal for smaller gatherings, and a grand, welcoming hall perfect for larger celebrations. Both locations offer terrace weddings onlooking Loch Lomond. 


But the magic extends far beyond the ceremony. Picture-perfect moments await at every turn, from the quaint village of Luss to the serene winding rivers and secluded woodlands. And as the sun dips below the horizon, capture epic backdrops featuring the majestic Ben Lomond prominently visible from Luss Pier.


The Lodge on Loch Lomond offers more than just a venue; it provides the canvas to paint your dream wedding into reality. Let them orchestrate your unforgettable celebration, ensuring every detail reflects your unique love story.



Ross Priory: Gothic Charm within the perfect secluded surroundings


Dreaming of a magical wedding with breathtaking scenery? Look no further than this secluded gothic house , perfectly situated on the east side of the loch offering stunning sunset views over the majestic Scottish Highlands. Owned by Strathclyde University, this versatile location boasts meticulously maintained gardens, captivating loch vistas, and a charming walled garden (moon gate!) – a photographer's paradise. Whether you envision a grand celebration or an intimate gathering, this venue caters to weddings of all styles, making it a must-add to your shortlist for a truly unforgettable Loch Lomond wedding experience. 



Loch Lomond Arms: Where Weddings Meet Enchanting Village Charm


Nestled within the heart of the picture-perfect village of Luss, the Loch Lomond Arms Hotel embodies the magic of a quintessential Scottish wedding. With Luss Pier stretching out towards the shimmering loch and the charming Luss Church within walking distance, the venue offers a treasure trove of breathtaking backdrops for your wedding photography.


Imagine capturing your love story with the iconic Ben Lomond rising majestically in the distance, or wander through the quaint streets of Luss for whimsical village scenes. This captivating venue ensures your wedding transcends an event, becoming a cherished memory steeped in the heart of Luss village.



The Cruin: A venue literally on the Loch


The Cruin isn't just a wedding venue – it's a haven for love stories, nestled directly on the shores of Loch Lomond. This dedicated wedding location prioritizes your privacy, ensuring your special day unfolds with intimacy and joy. Imagine exchanging vows with Ben Lomond, Scotland's majestic peak, as your ever-present witness.


The jetty at The Cruin is legendary for a reason. Capture the timeless tradition of a photo overlooking Loch Lomond with Ben Lomond as a dramatic backdrop. But The Cruin offers more than just this iconic image. Our photographer's expertise extends to uncovering hidden gems in the surrounding area, ensuring your wedding album reflects the uniqueness of your love story.


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